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Richard Chua (Managing Director of Yamato Asia)


Yamato Asia Pte. Ltd. was founded in January 2014 as part of global strategy at the Yamato Group, and as the first step in the long-term objective of becoming “Asia's No.1 solution provider in distribution and lifestyle support.” Our company is an intermediate holding company in Southeast Asia and functions as a regional headquarters.

I would like to explain an overview of the following three pillars which our company prioritizes as the foundation of Southeast Asia strategy for the Yamato Group.

  1. Construction of network
  2. Construction of business model
  3. Strengthening of management foundation to support growth

  1. Construction of network

    Our long-term goal is to form a global cross-border small cargo delivery network by constructing a last-one-mile network throughout all regions of Southeast Asia, and by connecting further with East Asia, Japan, Europe and the United States. Currently, we have expanded to Singapore and Malaysia in Southeast Asia. Our goal for the next several years is to construct a B2B last-one-mile network in Thailand, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, countries where we already possess local subsidiaries.

    We are also exploring the possibility of future expansion into other regions of Southeast Asia.

  2. Construction of business model

    With a population of more than 600 million people, Southeast Asia is an extremely appealing market. This market is being further invigorated by the spread of e-commerce and improved living standards associated with the growing middle class. We see a great business chance in the increased demand for efficient and high-quality procurement/delivery by retailers in conjunction with this market growth. Our first target is the B2B procurement/delivery market for the more than 10 million retailers in Southeast Asia.

    Secondly, the demand for small cargo frozen/refrigerated shipping is increasing throughout all of Asia, including Japan. Our network realizes next-day delivery of fresh foods from Japan and other countries to the dining tables of our customers. Through services such as International Cool TA-Q-BIN, we will respond to demand for small cargo frozen/refrigerated shipping, helping to spread Japanese food culture throughout the homes of people in Southeast Asia.

    Thirdly, although e-Commerce business currently accounts for only 1% of retail business in Southeast Asia, it is forecasted to grow by a double-digit rate every year in the future. We see this as a major opportunity for our cross-border logistics business model. We are currently constructing a network which will contribute to cross-border sales of e-Commerce business in Southeast and East Asia.

  3. Strengthening of management foundation to support growth

    We view the hiring/cultivation of personnel for supporting global business and the establishment of governance as management resources which will spur business growth, and are strengthening these areas accordingly.

Company Motto

The Yamato Transport Company Precepts established in 1931 incorporate a variety of worthy lessons of value both now and in the future. We regard these Company Precepts as the spirit that launched the company and will continue to pass on the vision and qualities of our predecessors that formed the premise of the Yamato Group.

1. We all represent the company
2. We deliver with a personal touch 
3. We work with gratitude and politeness

Management Philosophy

The Management Philosophy expresses the business objectives of the Yamato Group and the direction toward which we are working.

The Yamato Group
helps enrich our society
by enhancing the social infrastructure of TA-Q-BIN networks,
creating more convenient services for comfortable lifestyles,
and developing an innovative logistics system.

Company Overview

Paid-in Capital S$352,921,364
Headquarters 223 Mountbatten Road #01-07/08, Singapore 398008
Tel (65)6632-7400(representative)
Fax (65)6604-8677
Main Business Activities Business management function in Southeast Asia (market surveys, business development, network development etc. which meet regional needs)

Yamato Asia Pte. Ltd. 
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