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Corporate Information

Core Values

The Core Values established in 1931 incorporate a variety of worthy lessons of value both now and in the future. We regard these Company Precepts as the spirit that launched the company and will continue to pass on the vision and qualities of our predecessors that formed the premise of the Yamato Group.

1. We all represent the company
2. We connect our customers'hearts with every delivery.
3. We conduct ourselves both professionally and ethically.

Management Philosophy

The Management Philosophy expresses the business objectives of the Yamato Group and the direction toward which we are working.

Yamato helps enrich our society
by enhancing our social infrastructure,
creating more convenient services
for evolving lifestyles and industries,
and developing innovative logistics and distribution systems.

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Personal Data Protection Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy

Yamato Asia Pte. Ltd. 
Compliance Policy

Compliance Policy Regarding Anti-Bribery

Compliance Policy Regarding Competition Laws

Compliance Policy Regarding the Prevention of Discrimination and Harassment