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TA-Q-BIN is a service for delivering your parcel within a specified time period, 365 days a year. With a simple phone call we will even arrange pickup of your parcel from a location of your choice. Our Parcel Tracking System during delivery manages information concerning the delivery status of your parcel, providing valuable information to the party receiving the parcel.
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Cool TA-Q-BIN uses two types of temperature control systems (frozen/refrigerated) to properly maintain freshness and taste during delivery. You can use our pickup service as well.
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TA-Q-BIN Collect
With TA-Q-BIN Collect is a cash-on-delivery in which payment for the product is made when delivery of the product is received. This service provides benefits for both shippers and receivers. The former is able to reliably collect payment, while the latter is able to pay after confirming delivery of the product. Of course, TA-Q-BIN Collect can be used in conjunction with other services such as Cool TA-Q-BIN. TA-Q-BIN Collect makes it possible to easily and securely begin e-Commerce and online business.
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International TA-Q-BIN
International TA-Q-BIN is a service that provides the high-quality shipping of Yamato Transport to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Malaysia. for sending parcels overseas that can be used when gifts and sample products/goods, etc., are forwarded to countries around the world from Japan. With unprecedented low prices for international shipping, your parcel will be delivered overseas without fail. We ship 365 days a year.
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We construct logistics systems which realize optimal shipping by performing inventory management and cross-dock shipping during distribution of products and raw materials.
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International Freight Shipping Service
We design and propose optimal distribution which uses the management resources of the Yamato Group, from air and marine shipping to ground shipping, customs and logistics. Detailslink
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Cross Border
By combining main-line shipping between two countries with the unique TA-Q-BIN know-how of the Yamato Group, we are able to perform batch shipping to the destination country and then sort parcels according to their final shipping destination.
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International Moving
Yamato Transport supports preparations by customers stationed overseas for work or returning to their home country all the way until the time of departure. We also provide Japanese goods to customers living overseas. *This service is intended for staff members, employees stationed overseas, or employees on overseas business trips from corporations which have conducted a contract in the name of the corporation. Details